November 14, 2019 Activity / Education 0 Comment

The first activity of the above mentioned project took place on Saturday 9/11/2019 from 15.30 to 19.00. These were the exchanges organized around the main theme which was the basic principles of life in the Netherlands. More than 40 people took part in this activity which brought together women, men, young people and migrant children living mainly in The Hague but also in other towns and villages in the Netherlands.


Firstly, Mrs Marie Louise Balagizi , president and initiator of stichting Umoja ni Nguvu led this activity . She firstly welcomed participants and panelists. She then presented the project and all the activities that will be provided during a period of  one year, from November 2019 to October 2020.

She also reported that this project is funded by Stichting Haella , Gemeente Den Haag and Fonds 1818 for migrants’s families in general and for women in particular.

Four training are provided in this project :

  • The basic principles of the Netherlands
  • Administration and Finance Training
  • Talent Development Training
  • Training in internet and computer.

The project will also give the opportunity to visit some strategic places in The Hague and some museums for a better knowledge of our municipality.

Secondly, Mr. Samuel Mushobeke , Chief Financial Officer of Stichting Umoja ni Nguvu briefly presented the mission, vision and objectives of the association.

Then the speech was then given to Mr. Bertrand Uhuru who presented Itaka-academie as an organization that offers opportunities to migrants who want to start their own business.

The panels were presented in turn by the following persons :

  • Mrs Godelieve  Ntaba has presented a brilliant lecture about the education system in the Netherlands.
  • Mr. Leonard Kasima’s panel was about the inside and outside barriers that make the integration difficult in the Netherlands.
  • Mr. Ewing Amede explained how to build his own vision to find his own way in the Netherlands.
  • Mr. Kevin Kalema said clearly that women must be supported so that they can be able to take actions that can bring about positive change in the lives of migrants and their communities in the Netherlands.

After a brief summary of all interventions, Mrs. Marie Louise opened a debate after which the following recommendations emerged :

  • Holding regular basis of such meetings where migrant can discuss between them the problems that lead to stresses in their living in the Netherlands.
  • Better organization of migrants communities from inside
  • Create a set of specifications to present to decision-makers and suggest possible solutions that can make life easier for migrants in the Netherlands.
  • Ask churches to play their role to mentor and guide newcomers to services EXPECTED to respond to their concerns .
  • More assiduous monitoring reports from the schools of children to avoid bad surprises in the orientation of the children.


A family photo was taken. The meal was taken in an atmosphere of joy and conviviality . In the evening , private discussions have continued between participants who had trouble leaving each other after very good time spent together.