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The activity prescribed by Stichting Umoja ni Nguvu has been held on 09.03.2019 at Kariboe Bibi located on Avenue Van Meursstraat 1 in collaboration with six other organizations namely:

  • Kariboe Bibi ,
  • Geloof in Den Haag,
  • Mama Rosa ,
  • Doctors of world,
  • Stichting Diabete
  • GGD

We have seen the participation of 60 people , Dutch and migrants together.

The activities of this day , divided into two major parts have turned around the International Women Day under the theme : “STAND UP AND SHINE”.

After the welcome speech by Mrs. Lerina Kwamba of Kariboe Bibi , Mr. Samuel Mushobekwa, Financial Director at Stichting Umoja ni Nguvu briefly explained the mission and vision of our stichting .

The moderator of the day, Marie Louise Balagizi , President   of Stichting Umoja ni Nguvu , has announced the beginning of the first great part of the activities , 3 panels oriented towards the integration of migrants in the Netherlands.

The first panelist , Mrs. Hyacinthe of Stichting AFRIPAN has talked in the sense of encouraging women to years of entrepreneurship to improve their financial situation. Her organization has been presented as a succeeded model despite the prejudices of many people who underestimate the Capacities of women.

The second speaker , Mr. Ewing of THE HAGUE PEACE PROJECT talked about the cultural problems of migrants, 3C and the need of the family dialogue. He insisted on the fact that our values must not be smothered by nowadays anti values. He encouraged migrants to integrate in the Netherlands without being assimilated .

The third speaker , Mr. Kelly of Stichting UMUBANO has  spoken about the integration of migrants, the network, mentoring and the need for women to show their talents. He has urged women to leave the timidity which PREVENTED the majority of them to develop and to give the best of themselves.

A time for questions and answers has followed the 3 interventions: Because everything was focused on the International womwn day, the moderator   has  concluded  invited women to stand up and shine instead of sinking in ignorance and in unnecessary complains .

After  our panels, discussions  continued during the break.

3 workshops have been held  simultaneously in three different rooms : the participants had freedom to choose in which group to be according to the topics.

Thus, two different workshops have been hosted by GGD on sexually transmissible diseases and menaupose, a workshop was hosted by Doctors of the world on the supplies healthy and Mama Rosa in the last workshop on cancer of the breast .

From the beginning until the end of the work , two members of Stichting Diabetes managed in the bottom room to  receive the persons desirous of knowing their rate of sugar . Meanwhile , the participants have visited in a hospital role ride buses provided by Doctors of the world.

At the end of the workshops, the participants came back for an evaluation and recommandations . The participants were satisfied with the progress of work and the following recommandations have been made   for the next activities :

  • Segment the topics of discussion and spread them over several days to avoid overloads
  • Accompany women in the education of their children
  • Respect of timing is important not to penalize people who come on time

Then the moderator thanked all the partners   who have so much worked together for the good running of activities . She then thanked all the panelists and all the facilitators of the workshops. Finally , she has thanked all the participants who have responded to the invitation , Kariboe Bibi who gave the workplace and the donors of funds that have given the means financial to make possible this activity. Stichting Umoja ni Nguvu received his funds from the Lukas Kerk .

Finally , a very delicious meal has been offered to all participants who then left in an atmosphere of joy, waiting for the next call up in the direction of fast integration of migrants in the Netherlands.