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The first session of the training session on the correct use of the computer and internet, planned as part of the project to support the integration of migrants in The Hague, was held 7/8/2020 at the Eglise Evangelique de La Haye in The Hague.

15 people participated in the training that started at 6:00 pm and ended at 8:30 pm. Barrier measures against corona virus were observed upon entering the room and during training. The participants were welcomed by the chairman and initiator of the Umoja ni Nguvu Foundation who moderated the meeting of the day. At 6.30 pm the moderator took the floor to discuss the project. She told the history of the project. The project is called Support for the integration of refugee women in The Hague. The project was supported by the Municipality of The Hague, Fonds1818, Haella Foundation. Then she immediately gave the floor to the trainer, Mr. Lucien Lumiere Mutunwa.

The training revolved around the zoom application. To use this application, you need to download the application and then create the zoom account. You can connect by phone or on a computer.

The facilitator showed you how to schedule and organize a zoom meeting. The facilitator clarified that you can use zoom for free, but if you want to have a long meeting and invite several people, it is better to pay.

The facilitator scheduled a meeting and rehearsed with the participants working on their phones or computers.

There was a 30-minute break during which the participants ate in a friendly atmosphere. Then the facilitator resumed the session and worked individually with the participants, especially those who had difficulty understanding how zoom works. Several clarification questions were asked to which the facilitator provided clear and satisfying answers.

At 8.30 pm, the moderator, Marie Louise Balagizi, chair and initiator of the Umoja ni Nguvu Foundation, thanked the participants and urged them to participate in the next day’s training that will take place at the same place and time. Very important knowledge about Excel is shared and this will help us adapt to the current context in this time of the coronavirus.

A family photo was taken and the participants separated in a climate of conviviality and joy.

Report of the 2nd training day on the use of computers and internet

On 8/8/2020, the 2nd training day on the correct use of the computer and internet took place at the Evangelical Church in The Hague. The training was given by Mr. Lucien Mutunwa and moderated by Marie Louise Balagizi, the initiator and chairman of the Umoja ni Nguvu Foundation. 23 people participated, including 12 women and 11 men. The training focused on the correct use of Excel.

Marie Louise welcomed all participants who came despite the high temperature of the day (33 degrees). She briefly summarized yesterday’s training. She then passed the floor on to the trainer of the day.

Several points were discussed, namely:

  1. How to switch from one Excel sheet to another
  2. How to reduce or enlarge your screen
  3. How to name the cells
  4. How to merge cells, how to insert another cell, row, column …
  5. How to change the color of the text or the whole cell
  6. How to do the layout in the cells …

There was a 30 minute break during which the participants shared the meal.
The trainer then explained how to perform mathematical operations, calculations and formulas. He showed you how to add, subtract, divide and multiply.

Several participants have done practical exercises to properly process the material.

At the end of the session, Marie Louise thanked the trainer and the participants for their active participation in the session. At the request of the participants, tomorrow’s session will refocus on zoom to better understand how a zoom meeting should be organized.

The training ended at 8.30 pm in an atmosphere of joy and conviviality.

Report of the 3rd training day on the use of computers and internet

The 3rd session of the training on the correct use of the computer and the computer took place on 9-8-2020 at the same place and at the same time as the previous days.
At the request of the participants, the training again focused on organizing and leading a zoom meeting.

Despite the strong heat of the day and the fear of the coronavirus, 24 people took part in the training, including 14 women and 10 men.

After the introduction by Marie Louise Balagizi, the initiator and the chairman of the Umoja ni Nguvu Foundation, the trainer gradually approached how to create a zoom account, register for free, connect, lead a meeting, share the meeting, start a meeting, open zoom, invite participants, copy the link and finally send it by email or whatsapp.

A break was taken after which the participants did practical exercises. everyone started a meeting, invited people, copy the link and send the invitation to different people in the training.

the trainer showed how to share the screen, stop sharing, share the sound, converse between participants, how to place the participants in different rooms, how to return to the main meeting room …..

Before recording a meeting, you must obtain the consent of the participants.

The moderator thanked the trainer and the participants and declared the online and computer training closed. The participants said goodbye at 8.30 pm satisfied with the new knowledge they had gained during these 3 days of training.