Stichting Umoja ni Nguvu

Samen staan we sterk
Promote the integration, development and fulfillment of immigrant women living in the Netherlands and elsewhere

Reduce the stress level of immigrant women
Improve the integration of immigrant women
Reduce tribal boundaries between immigrants
Participate in peace and development in the host country and in the country of origin
women emancipation through economic stability
Promote tolerance in diversity

Who we are

STICHTING UMOJA is a Dutch-based non-profit organization of migrant women living in the Netherlands and other heavens. It ensures the continuity of the work of Marie Louise Balagizi, initiator of the SYNERGY OF WOMEN FOR PEACE AND RECONCILIATION OF THE PEOPLES OF THE GREAT LAKES OF AFRICA, anxious to contribute to a good integration and detraumatisation of African women living alone with their children in the Netherlands.

Speaking of the African continent, the war for several decades has forced thousands of men and women to flee their homeland and seek refuge in other continents. In the life of each migrant there is a personal history full of tragic events experienced that have caused internal wounds and hidden traumas that deteriorate the seemingly calm life of immigrants. Among them is a category that encounters many more difficulties than others. It is that of women living alone with their children. Without excluding the others, they have a lot of responsibilities and deserve special attention for an internal healing which will then promote a better integration in the host country.